Mixture tests on AMPT

iRLPD Rutting (AASHTO TP 116)

Conducted on compacted samples (no cut/coring). Master curve determines unit rutting damage for any combination of temperature and tire pressure.

iRLPD Fatigue

Cracking determines resistance of the mixture to fatigue cracking. May be used for determining asphalt durability when RAP/RAS is used or the effect of engine oil on the durability of the mixture.

iRLPD Moisture Damage

Determines the mixture resistance to moisture damage using pore pressure approach. Mixture is tested before conditioning and after conditioning and the ratio determines the resistance.


Binder/Emulsion Tests on DSR

UPTiM High Temp.

Determines the binder resistance to rutting and shoving and provides allowable traffic. May be used to determine the presence of polymer in binder.

UPTiM Intermediate Temp.

Determines the binder fatigue resistance and intermediate temperature. It may be used to rank binders based on ductility. Determine the effect of REOB and PPA on binder durability.

iCCL Low Temp.

Determines binder resistance to thermal cracking and Estimates low temperature grade. Determines effect of modifiers on low temperature properties. Provides comparable binder grade to BBR.


Mastic tests on DSR

iRLPD High Temp.

This test may be used to estimate the mastic high temperature grade and resistance to rutting. Determines the effect of RAP/RAS on mixture performance.

iRLPD Fatigue

Determines the resistance of the mastic to fatigue cracking. It may be used to determine the effect of RAP/RAS, REOB, WMA, rejuvenators, rubber and other additives on asphalt durability and the loss of ductility as a result.

iCCL Low Temp.

Determines mastic resistance to thermal cracking and mastic low temperature grade. May be used to determine the effect of RAP/RAS and additives on thermal properties of asphalt mixtures.



LTPPBind v3.1

As the developer of LTPPBind binder grade selection software, Pavement Systems provides consulting regarding binder grade selection and adjustments for traffic level.

LTPPBind v3.1 + iRLPD Extension

A new software that provides climatic data needed for conducting binder and mixture testing. The software allows the analysis of AMPT and DSR data and provides traffic estimates for mixtures and binders.

LTPP Data Analysis

Pavement Systems has extensive expertise in LTPP database and data analysis. Software tools have been developed for analysis of LTPP data. The tool provides easy access to LTPP data for users that can be used for analysis and model calibration.