About Pavement Systems


Pavement Systems, LLC (PaveSys) is a pavement research and development/consulting company. We developed the LTPPBind low-temperature model and the first version of the binder grade selection software in 1998. LTPPBind saves over $50 million annually in purchasing asphalt binders.

Since 2006, LTPPBind has been developing a series of innovative asphalt test methods based on the incremental Repeated Load Permanent Deformation (iRLPD) concept. We currently have three mixture tests for rutting, fatigue cracking, and moisture damage. Three binder tests have also been developed for high, intermediate, and low temperature binder characterization. LTPPBind and iRLPD tests allow for full performance characterization of asphalt materials.

PaveSys is currently developing a new version of LTPPBind software that will significantly expand its capabilities. Engineers will be able to analyze the mixture and binder testing data through new LTPPBind tools. The software allows for reading the test output and provides tools for determination of test parameter, master curve development, and estimate of pavement life (allowable traffic) for asphalt mixture, mastic, and binder. It also determines the test temperature and aging level from climatic data for various tests. Another tool in LTPPBind will determine the aging level (time and temperature) for asphalt mixture and binder based on climatic data.

Dr. Haleh Azari has been recognized by AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials for her contributions in advancing pavement materials testing, including her research in developing the iRLPD tests.